Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Spirit Horse Guide

*wild Fjord horses on a nature preserve in Holland

In me, there is an ancient and wild spirit horse, driving me forward, guiding me. She urges me on, to explore my world, never stopping for too long or allowing me to become too comfortable. The spirit horse is wise, and she knows what is significant in this fragile and transient lifetime.
The spirit journey is the most important, yet often widely overlooked, part of our lives.
To let go of the material trappings of this existence, and live truly and fully in one's own heart and mind, can be a frightening prospect for many. Yet, no other journey will take us to the richest, fullest versions of ourselves.

Who is guiding you? Do you know where you are heading, what role you were meant to fill in your brief time here on Earth? What voice is speaking to you from deep within your heart and soul? What is it that you are meant to do? What gifts are you meant to share with the Universe around you?

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Elefanterosado said...

Horses are such spiritual creatures, and what better example of the species than the tough Fjord, descended from the most primitive and enduring of horses. I think this post is an excellent metaphor for the spirit inside all of us as we journey our way throughout the world and, eventually, Home. When it comes to the world beyond material sense and sensibility, much can be learned simply by watching the horse.

Quietly and in wonder.