Friday, September 12, 2008

A New Adventure

I am about to start trimming my own horses' feet. I have been reading and watching all that is available on the subject, have purchased the tools and a fancy new hoofstand and am ready to start! I am scared of making mistakes and inadvertently hurting my boys, so I will be proceeding VERY cautiously.
I feel that anything we can do to add to our rich and dynamic relationships with our horses is certainly worth the effort. They do so much for us; we can at least TRY to repay the kindness. And that involves trying our best to understand what it is they truly need to live as natural and healthy a life as possible.
I particularly like the trimming ideas and styles of Paige Poss and Kim Cassidy. Both have wonderful online resources. I would like to take clinics in the future and really learn as much as I can.
I will post pics of my endeavors as I take them.
Wish me luck!
IN case you also have an interest, here are the links to what I have found exceptionally helpful:
Kim Cassidy
Paige Poss

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