Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me and My Best Friend

This is a picture of me and my dear hubby recently while out on our weekly walk through the Wertheim Nature Sanctuary in Brookhaven, New York.
It's a lovely stretch of wilderness along the south shore of Long Island. The preserve is part of the National Wildlife Refuge system, and accommodates migratory birds along the eastern flyway that runs from the southern U.S and Mexico, straight up through Canada and beyond. It's a truly blessed place, and we love walking the 3 mile loop through the preserve. It reminds us of another of our favorite places- Assateague island, Virginia. The terrain is much the same, comprised of marshland, tidal plains, thick coastal forests, and sandy beaches.
Hundreds of different species of birds frequent the preserve, as do many other types of animals.
The peace and serenity that abound in places such as Wertheim are worth our efforts to protect and preserve them for future generations of plants,birds, fish, animals and humans.

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