Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will peaceful coexistence ever reign supreme?

My thoughts today center around the fact that there is so much anger, violence and negativity generated and perpetuated in our world today. So many people suffering, so many animals suffering from the "runoff" of that misery.
What can we do, as a species, to change the tide of this seemingly universal anguish?
I could write a book on the myriad of reasons I think things are the way they, but, for now, what do you do in your day to day life to effect a difference in your corner of the globe?
Maybe it's as simple as recognizing what you DO have, and holding the feelings of appreciation in your heart every morning as you start your day. I have been especially struck the last few days with how fortunate I am to be surrounded by as many loved ones as I am. My incredible son and my amazing husband. Our sweet, wonderful animal family. Our relative health and well-being. The fact that we live in the USA, and enjoy the freedoms that, in some parts of the world, would get you killed!
Maybe we can try to fit in one thing a day to make the world a better place for someone around you. Bring in the mail for and spend a few minutes chatting with a lonely neighbor. Give an elderly person a ride to the doctor. Hold the door for someone. Let a few more cars out ahead of you in traffic. Smile when someone looks your way.
Maybe you could send a few bucks to your local humane society, or volunteer a few hours there just helping out, giving a little love to a doggie or kitty who has no family.
I know I originally said the this blog was to explore the dynamic relationship we humans have long had with horses, but this topic relates to so much that could use "fixing" in this world. The thought that what we do DOES affect those around us. And that we humans bear the greatest burden for trying to "get it right".
As this relates to horses, it DOES absolutely matter regarding the decisions you make concerning your horses. They are amazingly sensitive, emotional creatures, and should not be treated like mindless machines. So often people do what they will with and to their horses with very little regard for the horses feelings. Mares are bred for the sheer fact that they possess a uterus, with little regard to the care required by the subsequent foal. Horses are shown and competed at sports to which they are not particularly suited, and when said horse breaks down, they more often that not, make their way onto a dinner plate in France.
What I'm saying is that we humans need to be so much more cognizant of the fact that we cause so much pain and suffering, not only to our own species, but to the rest of the animal kingdom.
Please stop before you breed that mare, or let your dog or cat have a litter.
Think about the possible ramifications of your actions on those around you.
You aren't the only one with needs and desires.

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