Monday, December 8, 2008

New Mexico

Chama, northern New Mexico

I was very young when I first fell in love with the idea of New Mexico as a place I would want to live. My Grandmother had just returned from a crosscountry trip, and had told me that she's never seen any place quite as beautiful or magical as New Mexico. There was something special about the Southwest, she said. It was just so different than anything she'd ever known here on the East Coast. She said she wished she could live there.
I could understand her need for change. Most of her life had been filled with great hardship, having grown up a child of the Depression. She also endured a very abusive father, who blamed her for the accidental death of her younger brother. They never let her live it down, and the cruelty that was inflicted upon her by her parents forever fractured the amazingly talented and gifted person into whom she was meant to blossom.
Just the other day I told my Mom that I had been thinking about New Mexico as a possible relocation spot when I graduate the R.N. program in 2010. She told me Grandma once bought property out there, but had to let it go when my Stepgrandfather became ill. I was floored! I never knew my Grandmother had actually
put her plan into action! I was so proud of her, even though she was not able to see it through. At least she dared to dream!
I am a dreamer, but also a realist. We will explore the options, yet keep an open mind. Maybe we will find ourselves in the Land of Enchantment...


AlbuquerqueRealtor said...

What a wonderful story, and thank you for enjoying this wonderful state. We have a place in Chama and always love going there. It's a special place

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a wonderful story about your grandmother's love of New Mexico...and your desire to live here, too.

I can't imagine living anywhere else in the U.S than New Mexico. I moved away for 7 years to SC and all I though of was here...
It's funny how someplace gets into your heart and you can't be happy unless you're there. :)

New Mexico

the7msn said...

Your grandmother was oh so right.

Thanks for following on to my blog - you can visit New Mexico vicariously. There's a huge demand for nurses out here. I work for the largest healthcare org. in the state and they're always hiring nurses, no matter how bad the economy is. Here's a link to their recruitment site, if you're interested.